Tips For Preventing Fire In The Workplace

Dozens of fires take place in different types of workplaces and business areas. These commercial property or space fires can result in huge financial losses to the company and can even cause employees to be hurt or injured.

By following certain fire prevention tips, fire-related accidents and emergencies can be avoided in the workplace. And these tips can help keep the workplace safe at all times, prevent injury or death and financial losses.

Below are some of these important fire prevention tips that should be followed in workplaces:

Have easily accessible suitable and functional fire safety equipment in the workplace. Smoke and/or fire alarms should be functional and installed in the right places. At least one fire or smoke alarm should be placed in the kitchen or pantry. In addition, the right types of fire extinguishers should be placed in strategic locations around the office or business space as well. Since a workplace is home to various electronic appliances and equipment, it is recommended that carbon dioxide or CO2 fire extinguishers are present in the space. However, if the workspace is full of paper, textiles, and straws, water fire extinguishers are more suitable.

Get rid of any clutter in the workplace. Businesses can effectively reduce fire related episodes by clearing clutter out of the office hallways and in other areas in the workplace. Paper and materials that are thrown together can easily catch fire if sparked by a frayed electrical wire or a spark caused by two metal pieces accidentally clashing together. Get rid of clutter immediately as well to remove potential kindling – this means regularly emptying garbage cans in the workplace.

Regularly check the extension cords in the workplace. If extension cords are used in the workplace, it is important to check them regularly. In general, power strips or outlets and extension cords are rated for a maximum wattage and amperage that they can safely withstand. Overloaded extension cords are some of the top fire hazards in offices and business areas. Before using power distribution strips and extension cords, check the ratings to make sure you are not running too much power through them. Also, only use an extension cord as a temporary electrical connection since they are not designed for continuous use. As much as possible, try to plug appliances and equipment directly into wall outlets.

Do not allow smoking inside the office or business area. Lastly, designate an area outside the building or commercial property for smoking. Never allow smoking in the work area, around desks with papers on them. Make sure the smoking area have fire resistant receptacles where smokers can safely dispose used cigarettes.

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6 Things You Should Not Be Doing at the Workplace


What is the criterion for becoming a successful employee? Normally, one should focus on the things that keep him or her in good books of the people in the management. The workplace is a formal setup where you need to keep up certain standard of decorum. Even if you work in a mediocre working environment, you still must adhere to few ground rules that employees follow universally. If you follow these rules, you would be taken seriously and your queries will be heard. Hence, it is prudent to follow the known and unwritten rules of modern workplace etiquette to stay successful at the work front. Apart from these unwritten rules, you need to steer clear of six more things that we are listing in this article.

1. Gossiping: This is a bad quality that hampers the progress of an individual at the workplace. If we want to keep our job, we should stay away from idle gossiping groups present in the office.

2. Being a Constant Downer: We should steer past the person who always thinks about the negative things in life. This would enable us to think afresh and come out successful with out-of-the-box ways. Downers would make us feel insecure and restrict your thinking range.

3. Perpetually Getting in Conflict: Always avoid conflicts with colleagues. It would help us stay in the good books of the people who matter in our day-to-day work life. It is better to find ways to resolve issues instead of remaining in conflict with others. This helps us to stay focused.

4. Dressing Inappropriately: When working in a team, we need to follow some dress code. Otherwise, it would evoke an inappropriate response from other employees. Most of the companies do not follow strict dress code. Yet, you should not pass an undefined line to become acceptable by others at the workplace.

5. Passing the Buck: There are times when we might be called for doing job of someone else. In some other situation, we might be asked to do a job for which we are not hired. It is always better to step into the plate and fill the gap. This would show that we are resourceful persons who can help the company to weather the crisis.

6. Not Being a Team Player: We should mingle with the team and create a good working atmosphere. We should be able to understand the working efficiency and sensitivities of other members of the team.