Meeting Room Daily Hire
Options Hourly - Half day AM - Half day PM - Fully day flexible and local

Meeting Room Hire – Hire our redesigned high spec meeting room, thats fully air conditioned and holds 8-10 seats – 40″ plus Power Point Display Screen ​- Monday through Friday access


Also Specifically, what kind of common spaces do you have?

We have one large open plan 20 seater office floor, with a 8 seater meeting room fully featured with 40″ screen as well as The business Hub and the break out food area – all great way to start the day to hang out or work smartly …

What does each office desk get ?

We have one main office floor :

  • Large Desk Space, a 15″ monitor you can plug your laptop into a keyword and sockets close .
  • Kichen area, coffee tea a break out table & full air conditioning.
  • Permanent monthly office desk has lockable area to safeguard your buisness items

Is there On Site Parking !

No sorry – there is lots of parking close by not for hot desks co working or weekly packages if you buy a permanent monthly dedicated desk we will allocate one of our own parking spaces

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